Press release / Gazetara komuniko, 1996-02-03

Three Scientific Conferences in 1996

In 1996, again, the International Academy of the Sciences (AIS) San Marino will organize three SUS conferences in one year. From March 2 to March 9, there will be a "prov-SUS" (experimental SUS) at Nitra, Slovakia, where AIS is establishing a cooperation with the Pedagogic University. SUS 16 (Sanmarineca Universitata Sesio) will take place at Prague (Czech Republic) between July 24 and July 31, in cooperation with the 81th Universal Congress of the World Esperanto Association (UEA). One of the courses offered during this conference will be held by prof. R. Selten, 1994 Nobel prize winner for economics.

SUS 17, the traditional September SUS, this year will take place only partly at the Republic of San Marino. It will be inaugurated on September 1 at the university of Rimini (Italy) and will move to San Marino only for a few arrangements.

Courses and lectures for SUS 16 and 17 may be announced until the beginning of the prov-SUS in Nitra. Scientific abstracts may be announced even thereafter.

Most of this text was published in Heroldo de Esperanto, n-ro 4-5 (1919-1920), 26a de marto 1996, pagxo 5.