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AIS Scientific Conference in the Czech Republic

Between July 21 and 30, Prague (CZ) hosted the 16th "Sanmarinian Universitarian Session" (SUS 16) of the International Academy of the Sciences (AIS) San Marino. After the successful cooperation (called AIS-IKU) of the AIS in the International Congress Universities in Seoul (Korean Republic) and Tampere (Finnland), now for the first time the complete educational and scientific program of such a conference was integrated into a Universal Congress (UK) of the Universal Esperanto-Association (UEA), thus giving nearly 3000 congress participants the possibility to attend SUS courses without having to register or to pay conference fees.

Although he had to rival with the congress excursion day, Prof. Reinhard Selten's course had the largest attendance. About 60 people came to hear the Nobel Prize winner lecturing on the theory of strategic games, and maybe to get an autograph in his book in Esperanto. There were five more courses, and a number of "free lectures".

In the course of the final session of the conference, AIS president Prof. Helmar Frank could for the first time confer the newly created "Wiener-Schmidt Prize" of the GPI (Association for Pedagogics and Information). The prize was founded to honour Norbert Wiener and Hermann Schmidt, the founders of cybernetics, and to distinguish scientists in this field. This year it was bestowed to the Czech cybernetician-pedagogue prof. Milos Lánsky who accepted the prize on the day of his 70th birthday.

In september, AIS will arrange SUS 17 at Rimini (IT) and San Marino. For the inauguration on September 2, the University of Bologna at Rimini has offered their great hall. For the final session, on September 6, AIS will return to its native country, to the "Grand Hotel" in San Marino City.

Informofico de AIS, Reinhard Fössmeier.