Press Release 9/99, 1999-09-20 (released in Italian)

Full Academic Autonomy for AIS San Marino

Following an agreement between the International Academy of Sciences and the Secretary of Education, Cultural Affairs and Goods and Justice, the ministry resigns the right to review the AIS graduate exams, a right exercised so far only formally by taking over the list of the AIS graduates into a register kept at the Dicastero (ministry), following a ministerial order dating from 1986. Thirteen years' experience, during which the AIS has acquired a high reputation in international science, have made these regular name lists seem no longer necessary.

The AIS, which have recently concluded their twenty-first summer school week at the San Marino Grand Hotel, are still extending their teaching and research activities, with conferences, courses, exams, and scientific publications. A member of the AIS senate was received by the president of the Republic of Malta, who expressed his sympathy for San Marino. The next AIS conferences will be held in Poland, Italy, the Czech Republic, and Israel. For February 2000 the AIS plan the inauguration of their first extra-European affiliation, in Mexico, in cooperation with several local universities.

The Senator for Research and Development
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