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Please note that BUS 7 has passed and that this invitation is now a historical document. A short report (in Esperanto) about BUS 7 can be found here.

BUS 7 of AIS San-Marino, June 2010

State: 2010-03-31

BUS 7, the 7th Bachelor-level session of AIS San Marino, was invited to the town of Karlovo (BG) by Karlovo International University (IUK). It will take place from 2010-06-06 (Sunday) to 2010-06-14 (Monday) in the context of the Bulgarian-Polish session arranged by IUK and ISTK (from Bydgoszcz, Poland), 2010-05-28 to 06-26.

The session will host university courses and graduation exams on the bachelor level (Bac. sc.) and scientific lectures. There will be no exams for higher levels (Magister, Doctor). Oral exams will be public.

The scientific program is compiled by the academic senate and the deans. All courses offered must use the international language (Esperanto) as teaching language. The general programme will offer courses in the bulgarian and the international language at the beginning of the session.

Documents about BUS 7: